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About Jayshree

I first met Mahendra about 4/5years ago from a mutual client who we were both treating at the same time and he commented on my work and had enquired with the client who had treated her. We then arranged to meet and to swap treatments and then the journey began from there as we met weekly and exchanged ideas and became good friends along the way.

Mahendra started me on my spiritual journey and I was taught Reiki from him and we have done numerous courses together both for the physical and spiritual body. We have completed meditation and Qi Gong courses together with a Buddhist monk. Also back, neck and shoulders, kinesiology and cervical spine courses together.

On our weekly meet ups a few years ago we also learnt massage skills from each other. Mahendra has taught me many of his techniques that he uses to release the muscles which I have incorporated into my Thai Yoga practice treatment. I have shown him some of the stretches that are used to release muscles too.

I am a qualified Thai Yoga therapist for over 10 years and I have also completed many other courses which help enhance my treatment. I’m also qualified in Thai foot massage, Thai oils, Thai back, neck and shoulder, Reiki Grand Master, Mindfulness techniques, shoulder joint, kinesiology taping for athletes, muscle energy techniques and Hot stone massage to name but a few.

I have a diploma for Anatomy pathology and physiology and a member of CTHA; complimentary therapist Association.

I was a licensed conveyancer, specialist property lawyer for nearly 20 years as my previous profession and the massage was a hobby until my client base grew and I decided to do this full time. Which I am now thoroughly enjoying and am embracing.

I had a Thai Yoga massage about 15/16 years ago and thoroughly loved the experience and hence my passion was inspired so I began my journey whilst working full time as a property lawyer but soon realised this is what I wanted to do full time. I love the experience of seeing the difference of clients when they walk in and when they walk out and helping people is paramount to me and I do all that I can to ease clients’ pain where possible within the shortest period of time.

People have a Thai Yoga massage for a variety of reasons for example is a particular element such as back pain shoulder pain neck pain leg pain.

Benefits of Thai Yoga massage include relief of muscular tension, detoxification, relaxation, energising the body, increased flexibility, improve circulation, boost the immune system, additional stimulation of internal organs and balances the body both physically and energetically. Thai yoga massage can have a profound effect on the recipient the energy balance can take about four or five days to take full effect! Which means the benefits last longer than the treatment!

Thai Yoga massage originated in Northern India and is a unique and powerful massage therapy combining acupressure gentle stretching and applied hatha yoga. It is believed that a life force circulates around special pathways in the body called prana and is absorbed into the body from the food we eat the air we breathe and the thoughts we think. Thai yoga massage concentrates on the 10 energy lines called The Ten Sen.
When the prana is flowing freely in your body your general well-being is greatly improved and eases aches and pains and disease. By working these lines it is possible to treat the entire body including internal organs and release any blocked energy restoring health harmony and balance, when the prana is flowing your general being is greatly improved.

A series of yoga postures with palming and thumbing along the bodies energy lines and pressure points will be carried out and can treat common problems such as backpain, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, sciatica, sports injuries, migraines and sinus problems.

Thai yoga massage is performed on the mat on the floor both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility.



30mins – £50,

60mins – £80,

90mins – £110,

120mins – £160

30mins – £50,

60mins – £70,

90mins – £100

  • Meditation
  • Taping
  • Mindfulness

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